Saturday, 8 March 2008

Welcome to Books, Cats & Me!

Welcome to a brandnew blog, which is going to explore new methods of teaching and learning! Books, Cats, & Me accompanies a podcast of the same title, where I will post recordings of the courses I teach at the University of Mainz, Germany. One the one hand, I hope both blog and podcast will help my students with revisions. But on the other hand, I also hope I will able to reach beyond my own classroom and introduce them to aspects of British literature. So please feel free to chime in with thoughts, comments, or questions whenever you like.

I hope you'll enjoy Books, Cats, & Me! :)


The Tudor Rose said...

It's in deutsch! How... um... Spass! (Stupid English keyboard...)

The Tudor Rose said...

Oh, hang on! Found it! (Alt+225).

So Spaß!

AgTigress said...

I don't even know when it's correct to use ß any more, since the German spelling reforms, which I don't understand at all. Can one still write Straße, or must it always be Strasse now?

Sandra Schwab said...

agtigress, I simply ignore the stupid new spelling reforms, which don't make any sense anyway and only complicated matters on top of it!

AgTigress said...

Another German friend said much the same thing to me! I can't see why spelling reform was needed. If I, a foreigner, was able to master German spelling reasonably easily, I don't accept that it was confusing or difficult at all - a lot easier than French spelling, let alone English. Mistakes in German grammar and syntax, yes - I made and make masses of them. But even if I pick the wrong word, I usually used to spell it right, and now I can't even be sure of that any more.